This vacation residence located at Guemes Island, WA is a rebuild of an existing house that flooded due to a burst pipe a number of years ago. Maintaining as much of the original structure as possible was important for not only insurance, but also for sustainable practices. 

The small 1200sf footprint needed to accommodate 2 couples with the ability to host larger groups on special occasions. Maximizing use by creating multi-functional spaces was key to making the house feel larger than it is. A single plumbing wall in the middle of the space allows shared restrooms and kitchen to be built off of it splitting the space into public and private. An otherwise overly simple facade is made more interesting with colorful bump outs that provide additional storage and built-in seating. A 10ft wide bi-fold door opens up the north face of the house in the main living space to a patio deck that takes advantage of the best part of the site - the view. This also is what helps make the space feel larger than it actually is. The interior space can spill out to the exterior.

Sustainability was also an important feature for the owner and so along with designing passive measures such as an efficient building envelope, strategically located high efficiency windows, and skylights, the south facing roof is clad in solar panels and water is stored in underground tanks that is collected from the roof. Only LED lighting and ENERGY STAR appliances are used throughout.