Lanker Design LLC is a full service design firm offering a customizable package of services that will see your project from initial concept through construction completion. Because we are small, we make sure our project load stays manageable to ensure we can provide the level of service you need to make your project a success. 

We can provide the following services to you depending on your needs. We understand budget is always an important thing to consider and so we will work with you to determine a list of services that works best for you.

  • Research and Feasibility: We will meet with you initially to scope your project and determine what parameters we have to work with. This may include existing building conditions that require measuring out the space for accuracy of plans, research on potential code issues you may be dealing with in the location of your project, researching the feasibility of any big ideas you may have that aren't typical for a construction project to determine how to approach them from a design standpoint.
  • Conceptual Design: We will help you conceptualize your idea for the project by setting goals, developing concept plans, and renderings, and determining a preliminary budget so you are able to fully realize the potential of your project by having a clear vision of what is possible. The process is collaborative and fun as we go back and forth discussing your ideas and brainstorming how we can turn your dreams into a reality. 
  • Design Development: Once we decide on a concept direction together, the plans and necessary drawings are developed to ensure all aspects of the design have been thought through to a level we can be comfortable with is properly aligned with the budget. 
  • Construction Documents: We will further develop the documents so they are ready to submit for permit and bidding out to contractors. 
  • Construction Services: Depending on the size of your project, construction services may include meetings with the contractor, review of important coordination documents such as schedules, contracts, and invoices, make periodic site visits to review construction details and progress.

These are basic services provided on a typical project, but there are others that we can provide upon request.

  • Sustainability Expertise: We have experience working on multiple LEED certified projects, but more importantly, we have a passion for sustainability and feel managing environmental impact is an important aspect of what we do in the construction industry. We will work with you to incorporate sustainable ideas into your project that make sense for you from a practical standpoint regardless if LEED or any other sustainability program is something you want to pursue. It is our moral responsibility to build intelligently and compassionately for the sake of not only the planet, but also a future worth caring about.

What We Do